About Us

Three M trading & Contracting is owned by two of the most prominent families in Kuwait in a partnership business model which, established in the late 1990s, focused on the food & beverage industry during its initial stages. Until recently, it has diversified into different sectors such as the supplying of manufactured finishing goods along with the investments sector.

Three M is located in the State of Kuwait which is in the heart of a booming region. We see a huge potential in the Kuwaiti infrastructure market. Kuwait has started investing in the development and expansion of its infrastructure in order to accommodate the rise in population as well as the exploitation of a vast array of untouched land, in order to advance and develop into a regional hub. According to the Kuwaiti census, roughly 15% of its land has been developed, this indicates a very sound reason to be well equipped with the right international suppliers in order to tackle this industry promptly and professionally.
Here at Three M, we are not merely exclusive representatives to international suppliers but also act as active agents that are business savvy and looking for the benefit of the mutual interests between the parties involved. Some of the work we entail are, but not limited to:

• Obtaining crucial market leads to help in getting early inquiries
• Helping specify and pre-qualify international manufacturers
• Aid in the pricing for a bid in order to quote competitively and with confidence
• Ears and eyes on the ground, in order to alert the principals on any instant developments or changes in the market
• provide support in the market for our principals, given the fact of having a very well established influential network of stakeholders

We are always on the lookout for potential business collaborations. We have a workforce with experiences in the field ranging up to 30 years. This provides us with the appropriate standing in the market that was grown from the basic principal which is integrity and reliability.
We have a vision of being the leaders in this lucrative market along with our principals by executing any upcoming projects in Kuwait knowing that we are the most eligible and competitive entity. This journey will be a fruitful one in this flourishing humble country with Three M always by your side.