About Us

I am Nafisa Idrees, Jewellery designer, Gemmologist and the founder of NAFISA DESIGNS.

I believe, of all material things we have in life, jewellery is probably the most long lasting, celebrated and memorable possession. It forms an emotional long term relationship with a woman and has its profound impact on her personality and confidence.

With the dream of creating a platform where every individual has a chance to design, imagine and create her jewelry,  I started “NAFISA DESIGNS”.

My inspiration are women who live a versatile lifestyle and beautifully balance their love for home, work and society. Hence, I design pieces that elevate jewellery above its monetary value by giving it infinte meaning and connection. It takes you beyond just the appearance since it pampers you with comfort, style and charisma. It connects to your Real self though its colors, simplicity and natural essence. It is where you create your story.

My aim is to create meaningful personalized jewellery pieces that . Since, everything else will be forgotten, but your story trapped in the piece will live on and probably go to the next generation!

We do this by making it easy for you to customize your jewellery in every possible way, offer customizable and personalized Collections, Custom made jewellery services and Unique ONE OF KIND jewellery pieces that are limited editions or single creations.

Each piece is carefully designed to suit the versatile lifestyle of multitasking, enterprising, strong cheerful modern women who balances both ends of life with confidence and care.

NAFISA DESIGNS is a place where you create your story.

We divide our About Us  page into 2 parts:


1. Exclusive Custom Jewelry Designing and Making:
Get innovative, we love challenges. Bring your desires and design ideas to reality. Myself and our entire team understands you and we endeavor to get as close as possible to your ideas, instructions and budget line (if any). Each order is important; small or big. We love our work and enjoy working on every client individually. After all true success lies with customer satisfaction. You can checkout some custom made jewelry and our customer stories on our blog.

2. Natural Gemstones
Natural gemstones are Nature’s most amazing and charismatic creation. They have attractive energies, reinforce positivity, and elevate beauty. Their Colors add meaning to life in various dimensions. There are more than 250 kinds of Natural Gemstones. At Nafisa Designs, we endeavor to explore this beautiful world of Natural Gemstones and bring to our customers a wide variety of Gems to choose at very reasonable prices. And we walk our customers step by step from choosing the right gemstone, making a suitable jewellery design to ultimately a finished piece.

 3. Boutique Collections
Simply said, its the best of our designs and work on display, just ready to buy and live your moment. Decisions made easy. Each piece is exclusive, production is very limited and most of the pieces are precisely handmade with the best of experienced and skilled workers. NAFISA DESIGNS ONLINE BOUTIQUE IS THE BEST PLACE TO BUY CHIC DESIGNER JEWELRY.  It has multiple images of a product, buying is easy, layout is simple, home delivery in most of the countries, plus payment on Delivery for customers in Kuwait.


The NAFISA DESIGN Team comprises of:

25 years experienced skilled workers in Manufacturing of Jewelry.

Expert and honest team of Gemologists.

Creative and understanding team of Jewelry Designers

Our Customers who are not only loyal and elite but also very innovative. (Our true strength)

Our MOTTO is:

To create timeless pieces and ensure our clients enjoy maximum design benefits as well trust and satisfaction from their  jewelry and our services. We love our customers. Its all about their individual personality, style and stature.

Thank you for viewing my ABOUT US  page. I invite you to our Physical Jewelry Boutique “Nafisa Designs” if you are in Kuwait. And our E-boutique always awaits you at www.nafisadesigns.com. Do Contact me if you have a question, feedback or suggestion. I would love to hear from you.

“If you wanna be different?! LET YOUR JEWELLERY SPEAK FOR YOU!!

With love,

Nafisa Idrees