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Smiling Fix it Clear Eyeliner

KD 3.000
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Made in USA
  • Glitz up and sparkle on!

    Smiling Fix It Clear Eyeliner is your go-to solution to transform your favorite loose, pressed or glitter eyeshadow into a vibrant and electrifying eyeliner look you desire. A convenient, felt tip ensures smooth and precise applications with every use. Now you can have your eye makeup stay put without any smudges or disappearing acts.

    Tips: Fix It Clear Eyeliner can be used to seal and add vibrancy in any existing eyeliner application. Simply line your lids with your favorite liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner and apply clear eyeliner over application. 

  • Dip the liner into any glitter or eye shadow powder. Apply a single thin line of liner across the eye. If desired, add another layer to create a thicker line or wing it out at the outer corner.
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